Open Catalyst Challenge session @ NeurIPS 2021

Hi all,

The Open Catalyst Challenge session at NeurIPS 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday, December 07, 2021, 18:05 GMT (or 10:05 PST) onwards.

The schedule is up on the website: Open Catalyst Challenge.

Note that it is mandatory to register for NeurIPS to attend the session: NeurIPS 2022.

The session will start with a broadcast of the challenge overview and announcement of results at 18:05 GMT, followed by a breakout session on Zoom. The Zoom link for the breakout session will be available on the NeurIPS schedule website here:

We will have a Q&A session after each of the challenge runner-up and winner talks, as well as a discussion session at the end among all attendees (including participants and organizers). So we encourage you to attend, provide feedback, and ask questions! If you have a specific topic / question suggestion that would be good to cover, please submit that ahead of time here:

All talk recordings will be made available after NeurIPS.

We hope to see you at the NeurIPS session!