NeurIPS '21 challenge set now available!

Hi all

We’re excited to release the test-challenge split for the NeurIPS 2021 Open Catalyst Challenge! The data can be downloaded here. Details and guidelines can be found on the challenge webpage. Some points worth highlighting:

  1. Submissions will be made via our evaluation server.
  2. Submissions will be accepted between now and October 06, 2021, 23:59:59 PT.
  3. Each team is allowed no more than 10 submissions per method.
  4. A script is provided for making the submission file necessary for the evaluation server.
  5. We will be recognizing 2 winners - (1) The best overall performance and (2) The best performance using ONLY the IS2RE dataset (size 460,328). More details here. If you’re unsure as to what category you fall into, reach out to us ASAP.
  6. Unlike our other leaderboards, upon successful submission you will be unable to see your results in the “Result file”. To verify a successful submission, ensure your “Stdout file” contains the following - “Evaluation completed successfully. Results will be announced at the Open Catalyst Challenge event @ NeurIPS 2021.”

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the challenge.

Good luck!

The OCP Team

Dear OC team,

Sorry for a silly question, but I’m a bit confused.
Could you confirm that deadline for challenge dataset submission is 6th Oct, 23:59 PDT?

Thank you for the answer!

Correct, the deadline is October 06, 2021, 23:59:59 PT.