Open Catalyst challenge deadline in a month!

Hi all,

This is a reminder that the Open Catalyst NeurIPS 2022 test-challenge split will be released in ~2 weeks on September 21, and the challenge submission deadline is October 7!

The Open Catalyst challenge is designed to spawn research in machine learning methods to accelerate the discovery of new catalysts for driving efficient and carbon neutral means for energy storage and generation. See my previous post and the Open Catalyst challenge webpage for important details related to the competition.

Starting this Thursday (September 8) and till October 6, we’ll also be holding weekly office hours every Thursday from 9am-10am PT to answer any questions or help debug issues.

Zoom link for the office hours: Launch Meeting - Zoom.

We understand that this slot might not work for everyone given timezone differences, in which case, we encourage you to reach out via other mediums – post here on the discussion board, or on Github, or reach out via email:

We look forward to seeing your entries in the competition!

— Open Catalyst team

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The test-challenge-2022 split is now available for download here:

More details on generating predictions and creating the submission file for the competition are available here: Open Catalyst Challenge.

Submissions will be accepted on EvalAI between now and October 7, 2022:

Good luck!

Hi there, I faced some problems when loading the test challenge dataset. Loading other datasets is okay on my computer, but for this one I could only see the length and cannot read anything. Is there some specific lock for this dataset or do I made some mistakes?
Thanks for helping me!

See attached; what you’re running should work. Could you double check your conda environment to make sure it’s consistent with what we’ve released in the OCP repository?

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Thanks for your help, by re-installing the package I could load the datasets!

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