Open Catalyst Project @ NeurIPS Climate Change AI Workshop

Hi all,

We’ll be presenting our tutorial Open Catalyst Project: An Introduction to ML applied to Molecular Simulations tomorrow, December 14, 2021 at 22:00 - 22:30 UTC here as part of the NeurIPS Climate Change AI workshop. We’ll also be around in the following poster sessions to answer any of your questions regarding the project or technical details of the repo, tasks, getting started, etc.

  • 15:45 - 16:30 UTC
  • 20:15 - 21:00 UTC

As part of the presentation we’ll be releasing a new tutorial to help users better get up to speed with the repository. The notebook tutorial will be made publicly available after tomorrow’s talk.

Hope to see you there!


Hi @mshuaibi, I wasn’t able to attend the workshop so I do appreciate the recordings of the talks being made available on Youtube here: Open Catalyst Challenge. I was wondering whether the panel discussion was also recorded, as I was very curious to know you and the OCP team’s conclusions regarding where we are headed.

Hi @chaitjo. Yeah, the panel discussion was also recorded - NeurIPS 2021: Open Catalyst Challenge | Discussion Session - YouTube. The discussion begins at this time stamp.