Open Catalyst Intro Series

We’re excited to announce the Open Catalyst Intro Series! Want to learn more about how we can help mitigate climate change through advances in AI and chemistry? We’re creating a video series to help AI researchers get up to speed in this exciting research area!

We are releasing two videos today and plan to release three more over the next few months.

Episode 1: Why model atoms?
Episode 2: How do we model atoms?
Episode 3: How do we model catalysts?
Episode 4: How do we use ML to model atoms?
Episode 5: What are spherical harmonics?

We are always excited to help bring the AI research community along on the journey. Let us know if there are other topics you would like us to cover!

– Open Catalyst Team

These are great, thank you for posting. They are all not posted yet, right? Just the first 2? I am interested in decarbonization, particularly lactic acid from waste feedstocks (co2, lactic acid).