(No)oxides in database

Dear OCP tams,

I am a post-doc from Aalto University working on CO2 conversion into fuels. First of all, thank you for providing the database available!

I went through the pickle files and found that there are not any oxides available in database:

Thank you for your answer!


At the time of OC20 we didn’t include oxides because it was a level of complexity deeper than what we wanted to start with. Given the progress the community has made, we’ve actually just announced plans to release a new oxides dataset - Accelerating renewable energy with new data set for green hydrogen fuel. Stay tuned for more details!

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Hi, thank you for your reply! I am looking forward. May I ask, what is the time framework, when new data will be uploaded - weeks? Months? Half-a-year? Just to plan, which way my research should go. Thank you once more!

We’re looking at the 1-2 month timeframe :slight_smile:

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