Which dataset can be used for challenge?

Hello, I have read challenge summary several times but still have some trouble understanding which dataset can be used for training. There are table explaining permitted training data.

And there’re three datasets namely : “oc20dense_is2re_train.tar.gz”, “oc20dense_s2ef_train.tar.gz”, “oc20dense_is2re_val.tar.gz”.
I don’t know which of those three corresponds to items in the table.
There’re named “dense”. Is any of OC20-S2EF-2M or OC20-IS2RE/S provided?
And there are another file called “oc20dense_val_trajectories.tar.gz”. How is this related to those above three *.tar.gz files?
Could you clarify a bit on this?

Hi, thanks for your comment and sorry for the confusion. We will update the permitted training data table on website to try and make it more clear moving forward. For now, here is summary of the training data.

OC20 S2EF-2M and OC20 IS2RE/S data can downloaded following the instructions here.

OC20-Dense S2EF-ID data can be downloaded directly with this link oc20dense_s2ef_train.tar.gz

OC20-Dense IS2RE data can be downloaded directly with this link oc20dense_is2re_train.tar.gz