Minimum Physics/Chemical/Material science knowledge


I love science and have basic courses in physics.
my question is,
What is the topics/knowledge I need to know, to try to start solving the problem ?
Can it be finger point to specific topics ? Or it’s more science knowledge is better ?


Hi Firas,

I’m glad to hear you’re interested! We have tried our best to structure the tasks and challenges in a manner that someone with little knowledge on the topic can pick up the problem and try to solve it. As far as specific knowledge, the fact you have basic physics experience is plenty to understand and tackle the problem. Some of the best models we’ve seen incorporate very little physics/chemistry knowledge and are purely ML driven. So we encourage everyone to give it a go.

If you are curious to learn more and get a better grasp of the problem we released a detailed overview in a whitepaper here. This should provide you with the relevant background, overview of the topics, and better understanding of the problem to get you started. You can always follow up with the references for more details, but this is already a great place to get started.

– Muhammed

Thanks a lot Muhammed for the direct answer, that helped me !