Using ocpapi and getting 504 Timeout error


I am trying to discover catalyst using the ocpapi that connects to ocp demo system. However, I keep getting 504 gateway timeout error, as i try to get results from find_adsorbate_binding_sites for
adsorbate - *CH2
slab - mp-1473:Fe7W6

I tried few other slabs, but running into the same issue.
Please help

Hi -

Sorry about that. I can confirm that I’m able to reproduce this issue on my end. I’ll flag this internally and hopefully we can get this resolved soon. Given that many are away for the holidays, we may be a little slower than usual to address this. Feel free to ping us again if you don’t hear from us by the end of next week.


Thank you for responding quickly. Looking forward to the resolution. Trying to finish my project during the break.


Hi Murali -

Can you give this another try and let us know if you are still seeing issues. I’m not getting a 504 error anymore.

Note - mp-1473 is a larger material, so the slab generation process may be slower than usual. We are also looking into this.