Leaderboard ranking

Dear OC20 team,
let me first say thanks for the amazing challenge!

I have a very small request though, is it maybe possible to automatically display the Leaderboard with submissions ranked acccording to the most important category (which is the Energy MAE ID I guess??).

It is a (tiny tiny) bit annoying if you link people to the leaderboard you first have to explain that they have to select for the categories, since submissions are automatically ranked for EwT OOD Both category (the very right one).

In my opinion a slightly different ranking would give a better overview, especially since more and more submissions are coming in now.

Thank you very much for taking this into account!

Hi -

I think the confusion here is what the most important category is. We rank everything according to EwT OOD Both as that as what we see as the most important. EwT because it is the most practically relevant to catalyst applications, and OOD Both because at screening time we may not have seen the particular combination of adsorbates+catalysts, a more likely scenario in the long run. The fact that Energy MAE ID comes up first is just a result of how we’ve ordered it, it doesn’t mean it’s the most important.