\how to Read OC22 data?

Hello, I tried reading OC22 data and it does not work.
I downloaded IS2RE - total data from:Open Catalyst 2022 (OC22) . I got .tar file which I extracted. Then I got multiple folders for train, test_id, test_ood, etc. I am trying to read train data and it does not work. Older posts here link to non existing links. What exact steps should I take after downloading data and downloading fairchem git project in order to read data?

Hi -

The data you’ve downloaded is the LMDB format that is ready to be used with our models/codebase. If you wanted to read those directly:

from fairchem.core.datasets import LmdbDataset

dataset = LmdbDataset({"src": path/to/train/)

If you wanted ASE compatible data objects, you can download that here - Open Catalyst 2022 (OC22)