Error with model: GemNetOC

When I am trying to create my OCP trainer with GemNetOC model, I am getting a runtime error:

RuntimeError: Failed to find the model ‘gemnet_oc’. You may either use a model from the registry (one of ‘dimenetplusplus’ or ‘schnet’) or provide the full import path to the model (e.g., ‘ocpmodels.models.schnet.SchNetWrap’).

I am getting same issue with the gemnet_t model?

Hi -

It looks like you’re running this in a notebook. You’ll need to include this before constructing your trainer:

from ocpmodels.common.utils import setup_logging, setup_imports

The following tutorial can be useful for exploring OCP in a notebook: ocp/tutorials/OCP_Tutorial.ipynb at main · Open-Catalyst-Project/ocp · GitHub.

Hope this helps!

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Yes it worked thank you!